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BigAnt Office Messenger v2.96 Free Download

Friday 12:12:00 PM

Corporate LAN Instant Messenger
BigAnt Office Messenger (10 users) is a full-featured corporate LAN instant messenger that supports secure instant messaging, group chats, voice and video calls, file transfers, and more. The server part of the installation provides centralized user administration and technical configuration options, and the client application, which is installed on each user`s computer, offers a modern messenger interface that allows users to communicate with each other.

The server administrator has in-depth control over all server activity and can review chat logs, search for messages and attachments, send out bulletin messages, manage access permission for shared documents and more. Other features include support for remote desktop sharing and remote assistance, customizable user profiles, message encryption, logo customization and more.
BigAnt Office Messenger offers a free license for up to 10 concurrent users.

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