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FastestFox v5.0.2 Free Download

Thursday 11:38:00 AM

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Browser Enhancements For Firefox
FastestFox (formerly SmarterFox) is a browser add-on for Firefox that offers a variety of search related browser enhancements that are available from the right-click menu or integrated into the pages of popular sites like Google and Wikipedia. It offers a context sensitive popup `bubble` that enables you to search sites of your choice for any selected text on a page, as well as a hotkey triggered meta search options (qLauncher) and related search links that are embedded into Google and Wikipedia pages. The program can also make plain text URLs clickable and download all images, links or media files from the page you are currently viewing. SmarterFox also includes a cool feature that allows you to browse Google search results as a single `endless` page, without the need to click any Next buttons. You can choose which features you want enabled from the configuration dialog.

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PriceFreeO/SWin (All)


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