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Notepad ++ v6.1.6 Free Download

Thursday 10:13:00 PM

Advanced Code And Text EditorNotepad ++ is a source code editor and notepad replacement that includes a wealth of advanced features and support for many popular programming languages. If offers customizable syntax highlighting, code completion, macro recording and playback, search/replace (with support for Regular Expressions), code collapse, multi-view editing, tag matching, a tons of text processing function, and a lot more.Notepad++ can be further extended by using freely available plug-ins that allow you to add spell checking, debugging and many other features.

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PublisherNotepad++ Team

PriceFreeO/SWin (All)


File Size5676 Kb

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Notepad ++ v6.1.6 Free Download

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Notepad ++ v6.1.5 Free Download


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