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ToDoList v6.5.4 Free Download

Thursday 10:11:00 PM

To-Do List ManagerToDoList is an easy to use, yet complex to-do list manager that enables you to organize and track general or project related tasks. It supports multiple levels of sub-tasks along with notes (plain or rich text), task icons, file links, time tracking, task reminders and more.The program is highly customizable and offers advanced configuration options that make it suitable for multi-user team projects with support for source control as well as general GTD usage.Other features include import/export, integrated backup, due task alerts, customizable interface and much more.

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PriceFreeO/SWin (All)


File Size1586 Kb

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ToDoList v6.5.4 Free Download

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ToDoList v6.5.3 Free Download
ToDoList v6.5 Free Download
ToDoList v6.4.10 Free Download


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