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Clipboard Master v2.7.5 Free Download

Thursday 11:48:00 AM

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Smart Clipboard Manager
Clipboard Master is an advanced clipboard manager that enables you to recall recent clipboard items and manage one or more catalogs of permanent (canned) items that be used for pasting into email responses, online forms, letters and other documents. The program supports text formatting as well as dynamic variables to insert date, time, system variables and other dynamic content.

You can access clipboard history or fixed items via keyboard hotkeys or the tray menu and paste them directly into an open document or application. Clipboard Master offers a wide range of configuration options that enable you to customize the behavior with custom rules, application specific settings and other settings.

Clipboard Master offers many powerful features that go far beyond the functionality of your average clipboard manager, however we also found it to be one of the more difficult apps to use, in part due to the minimalist interface which tends to have life on it's own and never quite behaved in the way we expected. With some time and getting used to, Clipboard Master has potential to speed up many of your repetitive typing tasks.

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