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Discstarter v6.3.3 Free Download

Tuesday 11:24:00 PM

Create Autostart CDs
Discstarter enables you to run autostart CD presentations or menus (HTML based) in a custom, borderless browser window. You can design your launch page in any HTML editor and use it as the start page for your CD and link to other pages or files (zip, exe etc.) on the CD. The size of the window can be customized and you can specify the system-requirements for your HTML-front-end (e.g. JavaScript, Flash etc.). If the target machine does not support these requirements, Discstarter can automatically launch an alternate page of your design, or display your front-end in the users standard-browser.

The program provides an interface to configure the autorun.inf as well as the custom browser window, however it does no supply any templates or menu designs, nor does it assist in the actual creation of the presentation. The quality and appearance of the resulting autorun presentation depends solely on your HTML and web design skills.

Trial Limitations: 30 day trial. Some features disabled.

Product Details

Publishermirabyte GmbH & Co. KG


Requirements.NET Framework 2.0

File Size4033 Kb

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