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Geek Uninstaller v1.0.3.6 Free Download

Wednesday 11:54:00 AM

Software Uninstall Helper
Geek Uninstaller is a software uninstaller that offers several advantages over the standard Windows software uninstall applet. It comes with a no-nonsense GUI that lets you view and sort all installed programs and provides right-click options to access registry keys, installation folder and web resources. When you uninstall a software, Geek Uninstaller will automatically check if any registry keys, files or folders where left behind and offer you to remove them.

Other features include and option to force-remove a program (e.g. in case the standard uninstaller does not work), highlighting of newly installed apps and export to HTML report.

Product Details

PublisherThomas Koen

PriceFreeO/SXP/Vista/7 + portable


File Size1792 Kb


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