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GeniusConnect v5.0.0.9 R6 Free Download

Tuesday 11:20:00 PM

Sync Outlook Via ODBC
GeniusConnect makes it possible to synchronize Outlook data with any relational database that supports ODBC (MS Access, MySQL, SQL Server etc.). MS Outlook stores data (Calendar,Tasks,Mail,Journal,Notes) on the local computer in a .pst file, which makes it difficult to exchange this data with other systems or applications.

With GeniusConnect, you can export your Outlook data to a database and also load data from the database into an Outlook contact folder. It is also possible to use the program on multiple Outlook Folders and multiple databases, and users can optionally protect private data by using a different folder or by telling GeniusConnect to ignore items that are marked as private.
GeniusConnect consists out of several COM objects, adds a new toolbar and becomes an integral part of Outlook after installation. Other features include Swiftpage integration, various types of synchronization with the database as well as auto-synchronization when Outlook starts and more.

Trial Limitations: Limited to 49 records.

Product Details

PublisherGeniusConnect Team

Price$100.00O/SWin (All)

Requirements.NET Framework 1

File Size6600 Kb

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