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Privacy Drive v1.2.5.336 Free Download

Thursday 10:29:00 AM

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Create Secure Storage Volumes
Privacy Drive is an easy-to-use data encryption software that enables you to create secure storage volumes where you can store your sensitive files and protect them from unauthorized access. Once you unlock your secure storage volume, it is mounted as virtual drive and your files can be accessed from Windows Explorer or any other application. All data on the virtual drive is stored in an encrypted state and automatically encrypted/decrypted on access, no need to manually encrypt or decrypt each and every file or folder.

When you are done working with your files, you can simply dismount the virtual drive and all your files will become inaccessible and hidden from view. Privacy Drive allows you to create multiple volumes of different sizes and with individual passwords for each. Each volume is stored in a single .pdv file and can be easily copied to other machines or USB drives.
Privacy Drive supports AES 128-bit and 256-bit industry standard encryption algorithms.

Trial Limitations: 15 day trial. Nag screen.

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