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A Great Grabber v3.1 Free Download

Wednesday 10:30:00 PM

Website And File Downloader
A Great Grabber is a file downloader, that can scan web addresses and download all files that match your criteria. It includes an integrated image viewer, audio player and video viewer to view the downloaded content. Just enter one or more URLs to scan and let the program spider them to retrieve the files. You can specify various filters to limit the download to files that meet your criteria. The filters can be based on file size, keywords, file type and other aspects. While downloading, Great Grabber can automatically show and play all found media files. Additional features include support for email extraction, disk space testing and more.

Trial Limitations: No time limit. Some features disabled.

Product Details

PublisherMarc Schneider

Price$19.95O/SWin (All)

Requirements.NET Framework 2.0

File Size778 Kb
Addtl. NotesRequires DirectX 9

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