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BlueScreenView v1.45 Free Download

Tuesday 12:30:00 AM

Analyze System Crashes
BlueScreenView enables you to investigate the cause of a system crash (blue screen of death) by analyzing the content of the Minidump files that are created during each crash. The program scans the content of the Minidump folder and provides a detailed report with the basic crash details as well as all the drivers and modules involved.

BlueScreenView can highlight the drivers that were found in the error stack, allowing you to narrow down the possible cause for the crash. In addition to the technical details, the program can also show you a simulation of the original blue screen error.
Note: In order to use BlueScreenView to analyze crash data, your system should be configure to save a `Small memory dump` file in the default folder - this setting can be found in the `Advance System Properties` dialog under `Startup and Recovery.

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