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CamPermanent v3.5 Free Download

Thursday 12:00:00 PM

Video Recording And Surveillance
CamPermanent is a complete webcam/netcam management solution that supports regular Webcams, IP-Cams and external video devices. It allows you to monitor and record video or still pictures from multiple devices, either on-demand, on a regular schedule or 24x7. The program also comes with built-on motion detection features that allows you to perform automatic actions whenever activity is detected, including automatic recording, full-screen display, email alerts and more. There are detailed configuration options that allows you to customize monitoring and recording settings for each of your video devices. CamPermanent also includes a video server that allows you to broadcast video to other PCs on the network as well as a HTTP server that allows for password protected access from any web browser. Other features include an integrated media player and viewer, a tool to create AVI movies from a series of image captures, and more.

Trial Limitations: Limited recording time

Product Details

PublisherMarc Schneider

Price$89.95O/SWin (All)

Requirements.NET Framework 2.0

File Size2123 Kb

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