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DM Thumbs v2.3 Free Download

Tuesday 8:00:00 AM

View The Content Of Thumbcache Files
DM Thumbs enables you to view and analyze the contents of thumbs.db and Vista thumbcache files, which contain thumbnail images of pictures that have been viewed on the computer, even if they have been deleted. The program supports viewing the content of thumbs.db, ehthumbs.db, thumbcache_idx.db, thumbcache_32.db, thumbcache_96.db, thumbcache_256.db and thumbcache_1024.db. You can export and save thumbnails as bitmaps, zoom and rotate the thumbnails and also create reports and run full-screen presentations of the image cache content.

Trial Limitations: No time limit. Only first 5 thumbs are shown. Reports and presentation disabled

Product Details

PublisherGreenspot Technologies Ltd

Price$26.80O/SWin (All)

Requirements.NET Framework 2.0

File Size1020 Kb

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