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DocFetcher v1.1 Free Download

Friday 2:00:00 AM

Desktop Search Engine
DocFetcher is an Open Source desktop search application that enables you to quickly locate content in your documents based on a keyword search. Unlike many other desktop search tools, the program is not designed to index your entire hard drive, but only the folder locations that you actually want to be included in the search, thereby reducing overhead an increasing search performance. DocFetcher works by extracting the text content from supported document types and storing it in a searchable index. The search results return the extracted text content and highlight the search term for easy reference. You can further customize the indexing process by including or excluding files based on a RegEx formula. Other features include Windows Explorer right-click integration, special support for HTML files, automatic index updates and more. DocFetcher supports the following file formats: MS Office,, PDF, HTML, plain text, RTF, AbiWord and CHM files.

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