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How To Use Glass Media Player (Aero)

Thursday 1:49:00 PM

This Aero Media Player is developed and created only for Aero Addicted peopled.This App is created for visually see like Windows Media Player(But with full transparency like "Aero")
1. Full Aero Support
2. Task bar Buttons for stop , pause ,play and volume mute or mute off
3. Perfect Outer Glow of pause and play button just like Windows Media Player 12
4. Small size Application with compare to Windows Media Player.
5. It also shows preview of Album Art /Album Cover of song in taskbar thumbnail...(when you mouse over it`s thumbnail in taskbar)
6. Shows status of current media player in taskbar(means how many part of song is played)

Future Enhancement:-
1. Playing multiple files At a time ..
2. Add supports for video toooo
3. Playlist option
4. Forward and Rewind of Song (In this version i provided buttons for it but it dose not work right now it is just provided for eye candy)
5. Support for windows xp

Application Information:-
Name :- Aero Media Player
Still in Beta
Version :- 0.1
Year:- 2011

Free Download Glass Media Player

How to use:-
1.Simple by opening Aero Media Player.exe --then--> click on Open button --then--> select song for playing

2. Or second method [for directly playing by double click on song]
right click on mp3 file --then--> mouse over on open with --then--> click on Choose Program.. --then--> click on browse and
--then--> manually search Aero Media Player.exe and Select it --then--> then it appears in open with dialog --then--> select it
and tick on Always Open with this program which is left side of Browse.. button --then--> OK
[then U`v done it]


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