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ID3 Renamer v5.0.0 Free Download

Wednesday 4:00:00 PM

MP3 Batch Tagging And Renaming
ID3 Renamer enables you to update ID3 tags for an entire folder of MP3 files at once. If your MP3s have tag common information missing, like for example the artist name or the genre, you can use the software to quickly add this information to all of them at once.

In addition, the program lets you rename a folder of files based on a mask that is assembled from the existing tag data. Additional features include character replacement and FreeDB integration.
ID3 Renamer does not provide a preview or Undo option, but allows you to manually confirm every change before it is final. Standalone, no installation.

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PublisherJir X2 Cincura

PriceFreeO/S2K/XP/2003/Vista/7 + portable


File Size87 Kb

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