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logview4net v11.14 Free Download

Friday 7:00:00 AM

A Log Viewer For Multiple Sources
logview4net is an (open source) log viewer that can monitor multiple different sources for output or events. The program can be used as a simple log monitor for text based log files but also for more advanced purposes such monitoring incoming UDP/TCP traffic, EventLog entries, StdOut and StdErr as well as RSS feeds. logview4net can even monitor MS SQL and mySQL database tables and return the content of any newly added rows (tail).

In addition to viewing the log, the program can also perform certain actions when specific keywords are found, including Highlight, Ignore, PlaySound and more. You can configure multiple log viewers and save them as a session profile that you can reload later.
Other features include customizable log colors and support for simultaneous log sessions. A quite capable app that needs some polishing and better documentation.

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Requirements.NET Framework 2.0

File Size235 Kb

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