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PC Decrapifier v2.2.8 Free Download

Saturday 12:30:00 PM

Remove Promotional Products From A New PC
PC Decrapifier is an uninstall utility that is specifically designed to remove common trial and promotional software, that come often installed on a new PC. This includes items such as trial versions of Norton, Corel, MS Office, Quicken etc., as well as promotional desktop icons, AOL installations, OEM home and search pages, browser toolbars, unnecessary startup items and more. The program does not need to be installed, and can run from a USB drive. You can choose the items to be removed from a list, and also create a restore point to undo any changes.

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PublisherPC Decrapifier

PriceFreeO/SXP/Vista/7 + portable


File Size1327 Kb
Addtl. NotesCommercial use requires a license.

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