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PDF-ShellTools v1.0.0.13-6 Free Download

Friday 11:30:00 PM

Right-Click Options For PDF Files
PDF-ShellTools integrates into the Windows right-click menu and adds functionality to split and merge PDF files, as well as an info tip display that displays PDF file information in tooltip on mouseover. The program adds an additional properties page to the default Properties dialog that allows you to view and edit the PDF information (author title etc.) and also includes several context menu options for PDF files.

You can split a PDF file into individual pages, extract specific pages, and also merge multiple documents, or portions of them - for example you can merge page 3 of document A, page 6 of document B and so on into a newly create PDF file that only contains the pages you selected. The program offers several split rules that allow you to customize the process. Last but not least, PDF-ShellTools includes a PDF-Anonymizer tool to clear the meta data information contained in PDF files.

Trial Limitations: 30 day trial. Fully functional.

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