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Photivo v2012.06.13 Free Download

Friday 6:30:00 AM

Advanced Photo Processor
Photivo is an open source photo processor that can handle most common image formats as well as RAW files. If offers an impressive array of photo enhancement and adjustment options as well as denoising, sharpening, local contrast algorithms and many other advanced options. All options are organized into tabs, and there is also a keyword search that enables you to quickly locate a feature.

Photivo is not a one-click photo enhancer, it is not aimed at beginners and requires some basic understanding of advanced image processing methods to achieve the best results. But even if you're not a pro, you can always play with the options and sliders and see the results in the real-time preview - your original image will not be modified.
Other features include Gimp workflow integration, black and white conversion, work/preview colorspace, image resizing, tone adjustments, vignetting and more.

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