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RED (Remove Empty Directories) v2.2 Free Download

Sunday 9:30:00 PM

Find And Remove Empty Folders
RED (Remove Empty Directories) enables you to find and remove empty folders, often left behind from previous software installations. You can choose to scan only a specific folder hierarchy (e.g. Program Files) or search an entire drive. You can choose to exclude system folders as well as custom directory names and also specify whether the program should consider folders that only contain zero-byte files (0kb) as empty or not.
Advanced users can even set custom name patterns to identify files that should be considered "junk", which enables you to locate folders that, although not empty, only contain useless file.
Before deleting anything, RED will present you with comprehensive preview that shows you a list of all folders that match your criteria. You can then choose to proceed with the cleanup, pick folders to be excluded or manually delete individual directories.

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PublisherJonas John

PriceFreeO/SXP/Vista/7 + portable


File Size77 Kb

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