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SugarSync v1.9.78 Free Download

Thursday 11:56:00 AM

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Online File Sync And Backup
SugarSync enables you to backup and synchronize your files and photos between 2 or more computers or mobile devices. The free version provides you with up to 5gb of cloud storage space that you can use for file backups and uploads. SugarSync creates a "Magic Briefcase" folder on your PC and automatically syncs all the files that you place into that folder. The provided File Manager application also allows you to specify other folder locations that you either want to synchronize or backup to the cloud.
SugarSync is available for the PC, MAC and mobile devices like Android, iOS, Blackberry and others. The mobile applications also include a handy photo backup feature that can automatically sync your mobile photos to your PC, no need to transfer them manually.
How does it compare to Dropbox? SugarSync offers more free storage, more control and more features than DropBox (we particularly liked the automatic photo backup), however the DropBox service appears to be faster and more reliable. During our review, file uploads were very slow and often interrupted, even on a fast WiFi connection, and user reviews from the Android Market seem to confirm that this is an ongoing problem and not a temporary issue.
With improved service and faster transfer speeds, SugarSync will make an excellent solution for online sync and backup.

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PublisherSugarSync, Inc

PriceFree (paid upgrade available)O/SXP/Vista/7


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