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TabExplorer v1.2.2.0 Free Download

Monday 9:01:00 PM

Add Virtual Folder Tabs To Windows Explorer
TabExplorer enables you to add virtual folder tabs to Windows Explorer, which allow you can quickly switch between multiple open folders. The program does not act as an Explorer replacement, nor does it make any changes to Windows Explorer. Instead, the tabs are added like a "sticky" bar to the top of Windows Explorer and you can switch between open windows by using the tabs.

While it looks and feels like using tabs, you are actually switching between multiple Explorer windows that are stacked on top of each other. You can add a new tab from the tab menu or simply open a new Explorer window and it will be consolidated into the tabs.
The (small) downside is that you cannot have two or more Explorer windows open side-by-side while the tabs are active (any new windows becomes a tab), but you can easily disable/enable tabs from the tray icon as needed.

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