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The GodFather v0.81 Free Download

Monday 1:30:00 PM

MP3 Renamer And Organizer
The GodFather is an intelligent MP3 renamer and organizer, that helps you get rid of all those strange MP3 file names and convert them into a consistent name scheme, based on the artist, song, album information etc. contained in the MP3 tag. The program will scan your MP3 folders and automatically suggest candidates for new names, showing you the old and suggested name in the result window. You can then select which files to rename (if any).

The GodFather also provides file and folder management and can create entire folder structures based on ID3 tag information. Additional features include create/merge play lists, encode-decode with LAME, export to file, play, support and more.
Also supports ogg, mpc, ape, flac, aac, apl, wav, mp4 and ofr formats.

Product Details

PublisherTouzozoglou Dimitris

PriceFreeO/SWin (All)


File Size6163 Kb

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