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TimeBoss v3.0.1 Free Download

Thursday 4:00:00 PM

Parental Control Software
TimeBoss is a parental control software that enables you to restrict computer and Internet usage by setting time restrictions, filtering inappropriate web content and preventing access to computer configuration options. The program offers very detailed time restriction options that not only allow you to set daily or weekly limits for computer usage, but also separate Internet usage limits, that can even be fine-tuned for specific websites. For example, you could allow up to 2 hours of Internet usage (optionally within a specific time range) but restrict the use of a specific site to only 30 minutes per day. You can also block certain sites completely or restrict Internet access to only those sites that you specifically allow (Whitelist only).

The program offers flexible configuration options to automatically allow for more time on weekends and to extend time limits with special codes that allows you to temporarily grant some extra time without having to change the configuration settings.
Other features include folder protection, program restrictions, customizable warning messages, detailed logging with screenshot capture and more. TimeBoss can be configured differently for each Windows user account.
Note: Do not set restrictions for your own user account without activating the password option that allows you to access the TimeBoss control panel.

Trial Limitations: 15 day trial

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PublisherNicekit Software

Price$34.95 for 3 computersO/SXP/Vista/7


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