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USBOblivion v1.8.0 Free Download

Tuesday 2:30:00 AM

Remove Traces Of USB Drives From The Registry
USBOblivion is a small (portable) utility that will erase all traces of USB-connected storage devices (including iPods) and CD-ROMs from the Windows registry. The registry data stores details including drive manufacturer, last connected date various other details which will be completely removed after running USBOblivion. By default, the program starts in a simulation mode, allowing you to preview the results of the cleaning. If you want to proceed, you can run the process again, this time checking the "Real clean" option.

USBOblivion also comes with an option to create a registry backup file of the removed entries, so that in case you run into problems, you can undo the cleaning operation. The app will only remove entries for Mass Storage devices, it will not interfere with your USB mouse, keyboard, wireless adapters etc.

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PriceFreeO/SXP/Vista/7 + portable


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USBOblivion v1.8.0 Free Download
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