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Webserver Stress Tool v7.3.0.2295 Free Download

Thursday 8:00:00 AM

Stress Test For Web Servers
Webserver Stress Tool is an easy to use, versatile load and stress test for web servers. Simulates any number of simultaneous users accessing a web server and helps to streamline your web application. The usage is very simple: 1. Select a URL on your server. 2. Run the server load test and WebStress records request times, number of errors. 3. Run the web browser test and WebStress measures the time a surfer needs to receive the complete webpage. Using the settings of WebStress, various load patterns can be simulated. Since WebStress works exactly like a web browser, any webpage can be tested, e.g. HTMs, ASPs, CGIs, PHPs, Applets, JSPs, EXEs etc. WebStress optionally handles proxies, passwords, user agents, cookies and ASP-session IDs.

Trial Limitations: User simulation is limited to a maximum of 10 users

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