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Best Free WiFi Hacking Tools

Thursday 9:25:00 PM

--> WiFi is now most famous internet connection type in the whole world.many users are using WiFi for go to the today i'm going to give you most useful free tools list for hack to WiFi connection.

01 WiFi Buddy


WiFi Buddy is an easy yet functional Wi-Fi network scanner tool:
* Automatic scanning for access points
* Directly connect to open networks
* Quick and easy access to all Wi-Fi settings
* Keep Wi-Fi radio active while idle

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Wi-Fi hacker is the ideal app that simulates gaining access to Wi-Fi networks.If you found a network and you need to know its password this is the ideal app for you. In a few short steps by running an automated script the app will reveal the password.

★ ★ ★ FEATURES ★ ★ ★
✓ WEP/WPA/WPA2 hacking abilities
✓ intuitive interface
✓ easy to run automated scripts

★ ★ ★ TIPS ★ ★ ★
✓ Choose the network you want to crack by selecting it from the list.
✓ Press the crack button to hack the network of choice.
✓ In the next window press -start- to begin hacking the network.
✓ An automated script will be run, accompanied by step and progress description.
✓ You can cancel it at any point by pressing the -cancel- button.
✓ Once the hacking is complete the password is revealed.
✓ You can scroll the -mobile console- to see the contents and progression of the script.
✓ To pause the automated script just enter the main menu.

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03 WiFi Password Hacker ULTIMATE


Wifi Hacker for Android fastest and most advanced one. Hack into anybody private router within your vicinity! Hacking a wireless was never so easy! This app allows to simulate hacking and cracking of wireless WEP, WPA and WPA 2 encrypted network. It is very realistic app, though. Tap on a network and crack the password in a flash!
Old school hackers Terminal look and feel!

- Most advanced one
- Any encryption key will be decrypted
- Hack into any WEP, WPA and WPA wireless network
- Intuitive script running/design

- Start the app
- Tap on a network to hack
- Write down the password
- Use it to crack it

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04 WiFi Hacker PLUS


This application allows you to decrypt the WiFi network from any wireless network in your area.


You can check your IP-DNS-DHCP ....

You need to know the password or disable the password WIFI ..... THIS IS YOUR APP, TE A script will reveal the password.

Multiple encryption types are supported, Security for WEP, WPA and WPA2.

Key: wifi hacker, Hack Wifi, wifipass, wifi pass, password, password hack wifi, wifi hack Plus, wifi key.

WLAN_XXXX ...............................

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Wifi Hacker Real is an application to break WEP, WPA and even WPA2 using dictionary method to find password. Application is for hack password on your own router only!

-tap button Wifi Hacker
-tap rescan button to find networks in your localization
-choose network and tap on list
-wait for progress end
-after progress finished, your password will appear below of button

Attention 1: application is free, supported by ads in notifications and banners, you can easily opt out by decline EULA alert dialog

Attention 2: to break wifi on android device you need USB wifi atheros, install Ubuntu for android, install virtual machine for ubuntu, run backtrack 6 on virtual machine, you can use some android virtual machine but not tested

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06 WiFi Hacker Pro


This is the best and the simplest WiFi hacking prank app for Android!
It just simulates the process of hacking, it isn't hacking for real!

Use it wherever you are and make fun out of people! Become a hacker for a few seconds! It's incredibly easy.

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Use all software's only for education purpose.if you like my post please comment about it.  


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