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How To Backup And Restore Your PC Drivers

Wednesday 9:05:00 PM

--> Drivers is very special item of any pc and its a good idea to take a backup of them.But most user's don't know how to get it they face very big problem.but i have great software to do's free today i'll give it to you.You can backup and restore your drivers very easy with this software.

Step One: First you have to download software. Click here for it. It will be in “zip” format so just open it and execute the app named “dd.exe”.

Step Two : Now you can see the home screen and on the home screen just click “Back Up” button.

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Step Three : On the next screen click “Scan current system”, Now double driver is scan your system for all the installed drivers and will automatically select all the third-party drivers like “sound drivers, graphic drivers etc…”. You may also select the drivers individually which you want or don’t want… After finishing the selection just click the “back up” button.

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Step Four : On the next screen you will see three back up options like ”Structured Folder, Compressed Folder & Single file self extract”. You can select any option based on your taste and click “OK” button, for this tutorial i’m selecting “Compressed folder” option.
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Step Five : On the next screen it will ask you to show some location to save the back up, so just show the location and click “OK’ to proceed the back up process.(Don't select your windows installed drive.because if you format your windows you will lose your drivers.)

That’s all, here you can see the progress of the back up and you will see the “Operation completed successfully” dialog box like the one below.

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If you want to restore the backed up drivers, just open the Double Driver software and click the restore option on the home screen. It will restore all the backed up drivers and you can use them after restarting the system.

so what you think?please comment about this trick.We are appreciated your comments.


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