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How To Get 1000 Facebook Page Like Per Day (Easy & Free)

Sunday 3:17:00 PM

--> Hello friends, Previously i told you that how to get 200 like per day to your facebook fan page.if you didn't see it click here for it.Now today i'm going to tell you how to get 1000 facebook fan page like per day,using Addmefast web site and iMacros script.This trick very easy and 100% sure you can get more than 1000 like per day.Then i will see you how to do it.

Step 01 : Install Mozilla Firefox.because this tricks working with only Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Step 02 : Install iMacros addon to Mozilla Firfox. Click Here for download iMacros addon
(Click On Image For Large View)

Step 03 : Now download this script and past it into My Documents > iMacros > Macros folder

Step 04 : Now click iMacros icon for get to the iMacros bar.You can find it near the address bar on you web browser.if you can't find it on your web browser restart your browser and try it.
(Click On Image For Large View)

Step 05 : Now login your facebook a whole time from here you must still login facebook.if you thinking this is not secure,you can use fake account for's no matter.

Step 06 : Now register Addmefast web site
(Click On Image For Large View)

Step 07 : Add your Facebook Fan Page using Add Site/Page tab.set the CPC rate 9 or 10.then you can get more likes very quickly
(Click On Image For Large View)

Step 08 : Now go to the Facebook Like tab.After click AddMeFastAutoLiker.js and click Play button on iMacros bar.
(Click On Image For Large View)

Step 09 : Now you can see popup windows like a below image.set 500 and enter.
(Click On Image For Large View)

That's you can see auto increase your point.if you earn more points you can get more likes.
(Click On Image For Large View)

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Thanx for sharing

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Your welcome bro.

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