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How To View And Cancel Pending Facebook Friend Request

Thursday 9:51:00 PM

--> Most facebook user facing big problem about their friend request.Facebook only allow 100 friend request for facebook users.if you send more than 100 request they block your friend request today i'll give you best reason for this's "Unfriend Finder"

Download Unfriend Finder

Unfriend Finder is compatible with all of the most used browsers, allowing you to enjoy this experience on Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Maxthon.Click Here for download Unfriend Finder

How To Install Unfriend Finder

There have different ways for each browsers.You can see how to install it's for your browser using below links.

How to install Unfriend Finder for Chrome
How to install Unfriend Finder for Firefox
How to install Unfriend Finder for Safari
How to install Unfriend Finder for Opera
How to install Unfriend Finder for Maxthon

--> Configuration

Once installed, the script is fully functionnal, and you might want to change some settings.


Acces settings
From the Unfriend Finder layout, one filter and one link to access settings.

From Settings Menu
A settings link is available from the Right box.

Once clicked, links bring you to the configuration page.
This is the panel where you will be able to change script configuration.

You can change some settings:
- Appareance, Display settings, and Behavior,
- Notifications
- Language
- Reset Values

Use them like the Facebook settings.

This panel is where you will make all your changes to the script.
The Google Search, and Backup tool were removed.
GoogleSearch was unused since the script stored informations of friends in a dedicated database on you computer, no information is lost.
The backup tool is replaced by the "Import / Export data" feature.

Appeareance, Display and Behavior

Some options to enable / disable features like notifications, and change the behavior of the script.

The main settings panel. In here, you will be able to enable or disable the main features of the script.
The first four checks will affect the display of profiles in lists.
The Notifications checks will enable / disable notifications corresponding.

"Hide friends that your remove" will not show the unfriended profile as "Unfriend".
"Show unfriends check dates" will display the time when the unfriend was detected. (Not when people unfriended you)


You can to use the script choose among 65 translations made by the community.

Choose the language you want to use by checking the left radio corresponding to the locale language name.
When checked, the page will refresh with the new language.
Changing the language of the script won't affect your Facebook language.
You can use Facebook in English and use Unfriend Finder in French. 

Reset data

Resetting data allows you to prevent some script issues, or to clean up your lists easily.

Select the values you want to reset (Two links allows you to select all or no checks), then click "Reset".
Validate the confirmation popup, and the page will refresh. Your selected data is set by default.

I hope this post will help you for find your friend if you like my post please don't forget share it and comment about this.


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