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Create a Colorful Light Burst Text Using Photoshop

Tuesday 1:16:00 PM

--> Photoshop is a best graphic software in the world. Most peoples using it for there graphic works. So we thought offer Photoshop tutorials for our members. Here is the part 01 of our tutorial collection.

This effect engulf text in an explosion of light and colour. We learn step by step how to make this effect in Photoshop. Follow this tutorial.

Step 01 – open new document in Photoshop, you can press Ctrl + N to open new document.

You can choose your own width and height for your new document. The Resolution value 72 pixels/inch (Default)
Step 02 press T on your keyboard. Type your word, I’ll typePRABHATH HASANTHA”. I’m usingImpactfont (Impact is best for this effect)

Note: should your foreground colour is black.
Step 03 Right click Indicates text layer and select Rasterize type.

Now you can see this

Step 04 Press Ctrl + Click in thumbnail preview area.

Step 05 – Now you can see your text will now have a selection around it.

Now go to the Select menu at the top of the screen and choose Save Selection.

When the Save Selection window popup, just click OK. There’s no need to name it or make any changes in this window.

Step 06 After saved your selection press Ctrl + D to unselect text.
Step 07 Then press Shift + F5 on keyboard to open Photoshop’s Fill dialog box. When the Fill window pop up, set the Contents to White and Blending Mode to Multiply. Now click OK button.

Step 08 - Go to the Filter menu at the top of the screen, Select Blur, and then Select Gaussian Blur.

When the Gaussian Blur window pop up, enter a Radius value of about 4.0 pixels and click OK

Step 09 - Go back to the Filter menu and Select Stylize, and then Select Solarize.

This will turn the document black, and your text will appear as a white stroke

Step 10 – Press Ctrl + L and now pop up Levels window. Then enter 128 in the highlighted box.

Click OK button.
Step 11 – Now press Ctrl + J.

Step 12 Go to the Filter menu, and this time select Distort, and then select Polar Coordinates.

Select Polar to Rectangular option in the Polar Coordinates window and click OK button.

Step 13 - Go to the Image menu at the top of the screen, select Rotate Canvas, and then select 90° CW

Step 14 – Press Ctrl + I

Step 15 - Go to the Filter menu, choose Stylize, and then select Wind.

When the Wind window pop up, Choose Method is set to Wind and Direction is set to From the Right and click OK button.

Step 16 – press Ctrl + F and again press Ctrl + F

Step 17 - Press Ctrl + I

Step 18 – Press Ctrl + F, Ctrl + F, Ctrl + F and Ctrl + F. four more times.

Step 19 – Press Ctrl + Shift + L

Step 20 - Go to the Image menu, choose Rotate Canvas once again, and select 90° CCW.

Step 21 - Go to Filter menu, select Distort, and then choose Polar Coordinates.

When the Polar Coordinates window pop up select the Rectangular to Polar and click OK button

Step 22 Set the blending mode of the layer from Normal to Screen by clicking on the down pointing arrow.

Now you can see this

Step 23 - Click on the create New Fill or Adjustment Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers palette and select Gradient…

When the Gradient Fill Window pop up, click on the Gradient preview area.

Now you can see Gradient Editor Window. Select your Presents.

Click OK button once you’ve chosen your own colours.
Step 24 – Then again set the blending mode of the layer from Normal to Color by clicking on the down pointing arrow

Now you finish burst text.

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