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3 Step For Protect Your PC From USB Threats

Saturday 12:04:00 PM

Everyone know that USB threats (Malware, Trojan, Virus etc....) is very harmful programe for computer users. They overspread very quickly in your PC and corrupting your personal data and imported things. So today I'll tell you how to protect your PC form USB threats.

Turn off  “autorun” in Windows

In windows there is good feature called Autorun which automatically initiates inserted USB or CD/DVD. If the autorun feature is enabled the virus program uses it to infect you computer. so now we are going to turn off autorun feature in windows.

3 Ways For Protect Your PC From USB Threats

To disable autorun feature manuall
> go to Run (Use start menu or Win + R)
> type “gpedit.msc” and press enter.
> Under “User configuration” expand “Administrative templates” and select “system”.
> Now double click on “Turn off autoplay” in right pan > select the radio button “Enable” > Click “ok”

Scan USB devices with antivirus program 

3 Ways For Protect Your PC From USB Threats
It’s a good idea to scan usb devices with updated antivirus software's(Norton, Kaspersky, AVG, Avast) before opening them. All most all antivirus software’s can clean usb threats. It is also recommended to use some usb firewall like autorun eater etc.., which help you to clean some of the common autorun virus’s.

Safely remove your USB device from PC

3 Ways For Protect Your PC From USB Threats
In some times virus’s are created through damaged documents and the damaged documents can in turn damage other files in your USB device. So always remove your USB devices safely using the Safely Remove Hardware feature of Windows OS.

I hope this tricks will help you to protect your PC from USB threats. If you learn something from my post please comment about this and share it for your friends.


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