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How To Reveal Hidden Passwords (Asterisks) In Web Browser

Saturday 3:21:00 PM

--> Hello friends, Today I'm here with most interest and useful computer tricks. You can find easily hidden passwords in your browser with this tricks. You can appal your friends with this trick. But don't use this for hurt anyone, use only education purpose. Then follow this steps to do it.

Right click on password box and select Inspect Element

Now you can see like this code input type="password". Now double click on password and change it as a text


That's all, you done. Now you can see hidden password is visible.


Webhacker said...

you are biggest fool i have ever seen 19th century technique

okkomadewal said...

Maybe you know about that,but many peoples don't know about this. i posed this for them. whatever thanks for your comment

rasalnet said...

thank you very much...great post

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