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Change Your Windows System Rating Of Experience Index

Monday 8:14:00 PM

I think everyone's know about that windows system rating. It shows your computer Performance as a rating. My computer showing this rate is 4.5. So i thought change this rate. When i was search the internet i found some small tricks to do it. You can surprise your friends using this tricks. Here is the complete guide to do it.

Step 01 : Go to this path C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore (Copy and past this location on your windows address bar)

Step 02 : Now you are going to need to open a file that ends with Formal.Assessment (Initial).WinSAT). Don't think about dates before that name.

Step 03 : Now right click on this file and click "Edit"


Step 04 : Now press Ctrl+F. Then you can see find windows like below image. After type WinSPR with Angle Brackets on find window and click "Find Next".

Step 05 : Now you can see "SystemScore 4.5" after WinSPR. (4.5 is my pc rate.your pc show it's maybe another rate). Now you can change highlighted code in the circle, as you want.

Step 06 : If you want change other rates (Memory,Graphics,Gaming Graphics, etc...) search below codes and change them.

SystemScore tags change the overall rating
MemoryScore tags change the Memory (RAM) rating
CpuScore tags chang the Processor rating
GraphicsScore tags change the Graphics rating
GamingScore tags change the Gaming Graphics rating
DiskScore tags change the Primary Hard Disk rating

NOTE : Type all words within Angle Brackets for search.

Step 07 : Now save the file and restart windows. After go to my computer properties,now you can see your changed rates.


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