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How To View PDF Files Without PDF Software

Monday 8:07:00 PM

Previously I told you about that how to unlock your password protected PDF without software. Today I'm here back with another interest tricks about PDF files. If you want read PDF files, you must install some software (Adobe reader, Nitro reader, Foxit reader) to do it. But today i will tell you that how to preview PDF files without PDF software. If you using Firefox browser, you can use it to view the PDF documents. When you click a PDF link on your Firefox browser, it would download the PDF file into your PC for viewing it. If you want view some PDF file into your PC currently, you can drag and drop it to your firefox browser. When you can look it from your browser. 

If you want to do this task you must install Firefox 15 or higher version. Already you have this requirements you can do it with below guides.

Step 01 : Open Firefox web browser and type about:config on the address bar and press Enter

Step 02 : Now you can see warning like that below image and click on I’ll be careful, I promise! to pass this step.

Step 03 : Now Type browser.preferences.inContent in the search bar and double click on result, to change its value from False to True

Step 04 : Now search back pdfjs.disabled and change its value from True To False.

Step 05 : Now from the Menu bar click on Tools > Options > Applications and find Portable Document Formate (PDF). Firefox would show you the default application set to open up PDF files. Under Action, choose Preview in Firefox and you’re set.

Thats all. Now you can read any PDF document with firefox. If you like this post don't forget share it for your friends and comment about it.


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