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Samsung Flexible Display Phone - Samsung "Youm"

Thursday 8:24:00 PM

--> Mobile device with flexible display! Can you believe it? Yes you have to believe it. Samsung’s aiming to make smartphone tech a little less rigid with the introduction of new, flexible screens that can be used in smartphones and tablets to make them more resilient.

--> Samsung device head Stephen Woo and lab lead Brian Berkeley showed off bendable, rollable, foldable displays with several concept devices at the Consumer Electronics Show. Samsung has bename This flexible screens as Youm, are designed to have displays as rich and crisp as current smartphones, but with more options for form factors.

The company also showed off a number of hardware components and processors that will let its devices run faster and more powerfully, while also consuming less energy than current devices. The company’s presentation was light on details about when any of the tech would actually appear in consumer devices.

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