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How To Hide Folder Or File In Android Phone Without Any Software

Tuesday 7:09:00 PM

--> These days continuously I told tricks about android phones. Few days ago I gave you tricks about How To Increase Your Android Phone Battery Life. This trick got most page views. So I thought offer to another best trick for our android users.

This trick very easy,but very useful. Most android users will face big problem about their privacy, because they can't hide their files and folders in android phone without third party software. Then their using Hide It, Folder Hider Lite, File Hide Expert like these third party softwares. When you using these softwares their using your phone usage and battery life. But today I'm going to tell you how to hide your file or folder without third party software. With this trick you can improve your battery life and save your phone usage.


Follow these steps to hide folder or file

Step 01 : Go to the file or folder that you want hide.

Step 02 : Long press file or folder that you want hide and select Rename.

Step 03 : Now just write a dot {.} at the starting of the file name before any other alphabet. (Ex : if your folder name is Music, then rename it to .Music and press OK.)

Step 04 : Now go to file manager and Select options and go to settings now unmark Show Hidden Files tab.

That's all, Now you done. You can see now your file is hide. You can unhide your file or folder anytime by renaming them again.

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