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Top Secrets For Increase Your Typing Speed

Tuesday 8:10:00 PM

If you are finding some job of computer field typing skills is very important qualification for it. So you must improve your typing speed very well for it. So I thought tell you how to do it with few small tricks. There have very easy and cool tricks for improve your typing speed.

Use both hands for it

this is one of the best way to increase your typing speed. If you are using only one or two fingers for typing task, It will slow down your typing speed. So you must use your both hands for typing. To use your both hands correctly with keyboard Put your left hand fingers on A,S,D,F and your right hand fingers on J,K,L and ; keys.

Never look at the keyboard

If you are looking keyboard while you typing, then your typing speed slow down it. This is a very bad habit for professional typing workers. Once you start typing don't look down keyboard until complete one sentence.


Choose compatible implements

If you want increase your typing speed, You have to choose best implements for your work. Specially you must choose comfortable keyboard for your hands and choose comfortable chair for you.

Every time practice

Anything can be done without practice. So use your free times for practice. You can use TypeRacer online tool for your oractice.

Use typing games and programs

Typing practice is very boaring task. So you can do it using some game or programe. There have more typing games and program's in the web. You can improve your typing speed using them. When you playing typing games, you can practice without boring.

Typing games : Keyboard Revolution
                       QWERY Warriors
                       Typer Shark
                       Save the Sailboat Race


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