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How To Set Windows Updates in Windows 8

Friday 6:43:00 PM

--> Time by time Microsoft send out the windows updates to make improvement to its operating systems. Today I will tell you how to set windows update in Windows 8. You can check for Updates and Install Windows Updates Manually or Automatically. I'll tell you how update with this both ways.

Install Windows 8 updates automatically :

Step 1 - First Press Windows logo key + I and Click Control Panel.

Step 2 - Go to System and Security.

Step 3 - Click on Turn automatic updating on or off.

Step 4 - Now under Important updates select Install updates automatically (recommended).

Step 5 - Then Click on OK.

Note - If you Select Never check for updates (not recommended).  Then you can install windows update manually in windows 8.

Checking or Installing Windows update manually :

Step 1 - First Press Windows logo key + I and Go to Change PC Settings.

Step 2 - Now you Click Windows Update under PC Settings and then Click on Check for updates now.

Step 3 - It will start checking for updates and if updates are available, then just click on Install for Installing Windows 8 Updates Manually

Note - It is highly recommended to install Windows Updates Automatically or Manually in Windows 8, as it helps in keeping your computer secure by fixing bugs or protect your computer against new threats.

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