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Set wallpaper with clock in your windows desktop

Monday 6:54:00 PM

--> Hi friends, Everyday your desktop has a one wallpaper or wallpaper Slide, today we are going to introduce to put a virtual wallpaper clocks as your desktop backgroundDexclock is our application to apply wallpaper clocks. the wallpaper clocks are available for different screen resolutions and sizes.
Once launched, the application places its icon in the system tray, right-clicking which allows you to access its main window from the context menu. You can also open the Clock Folder from here, and access the web portal to download more wallpapers.

Set wallpaper with clock in your windows desktop1

select Choose Wallpaper Clock, now you see four clock wallpapers, then want to more, Choose Get more Wallpaper Clocks for download wallpapers. You can select wallpaper position between a handful of options including Fill, Stretch, Fit, Tile and Center. The current resolution of the wallpaper is also displayed along with its preview. Lastly, you can easily specify a different Clock Folder of your choice from here if you wish.

Set wallpaper with clock in your windows desktop2

now your pc get new look,

Set wallpaper with clock in your windows desktop3

What makes Dexclock really shine is its ability to let you download additional wallpaper clocks for free, All you have to do is download the desired wallpaper clock from the web portal and place it in your Clock Folder.

Download Dexclock

Download More Wallpapers


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