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How To Access Blocked Web Sites

Monday 5:33:00 PM

--> Hi today we are going to publish very hot and cool trick for you, all of you know some web sites can't access your result is the web page is unavailable, no receiving data, unable to access network, you can see like these things.

access blocked web sites1

We introduce a solution in this post, easy anonymous web browsing and bypassing of web censorship. No proxy or other programs needed.
anonymoX enables you to...
  • Change your IP-Adresse
  • Browse the www anonymously
  • Visit blocked/censored websites
  • Bypass GeoIp-Blocks: appear to originate from another country
  • Set separate anonymization settings for each website
  • Delete cookies, show your public IP, change browser id,  

Download anonymoX

access blocked web sites2

Click on Plugin for Firefox Free Download to Download
Note : this is a Firefox browser extension. This doesn't work with chrome. There for anonymoX download using Firefox. It may work Firefox 6 or later versions.

access blocked web sites3

Go to Add to Firefox

access blocked web sites4

Click Allow to give the permission for installing.....

access blocked web sites5
It may finishing download several seconds.

access blocked web sites6

Click Install Now. Then restart Firefox open new tab, you can see right bottom "Xspecial | off, your country, your IP address" 

access blocked web sites7

now you go to web pages country flag and IP address change as foreign county. you can fly everywhere in internet not block..
enjoy using internet for good things


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